MFAP takes pride in its volunteers, and we welcome you to become part of our team. Your commitment is completely up to you, whether you spend one day per month or a week.

Your time is always appreciated!

Front Desk Reception (As needed)

Job description includes: Answer phone calls, check general voicemail messages, manage the arrival of clients as well as walk-ins, stock condoms/reading materials, note staff whereabouts and greet walk-ins who are seeking a free HIV/Hep C test, provide screening form, record test temperatures. 

Bingo, Red Ribbon Gala and other events

MFAP hosts GayBingo/Red Ribbon Gala every year and we are looking for volunteers to help us! If you have a passion for event planning, organizing, or being on your feet and helping us out at one of our events, we would love to have you!  

Food Drive/Hygiene Drive

Every other month MFAP has a food/hygiene drive to stock up our pantry. Job Description Includes: Pass out flyers at the store's entrances. Volunteers will accept any non-perishable items and monetary donations. Volunteers are asked to help bring the donation items to the office. After the drive, we may have a function where you can meet with clients to give out items. 

Fundraising Committee

Any interest in chairing or joining the fundraising committee? The committee organizes fundraising initiatives, client assistance, events, and programs.

Tabling Events

“Tabling” is a way for MFAP to engage with the communities and provide information on HIV, substance abuse, and homelessness issues. Volunteers would help an MFAP staff with our tabling events. 

PIT Count

An annual event during the year related to the homeless. Volunteers will help administer a survey. Volunteers will attend a brief training before going out in teams to identify how many people are living in emergency shelters or in places not meant for habitation.

Handy People

 The volunteer provides small home repair services for our transitional living program (Moore Place). The need may be a simple repair, replacement, maintenance, a small plumbing (e.g., minor leak repair) electrical (e.g., circuit breaker reset) task or painting. If you are willing to donate a few hours per month. Our office provides all of the necessary equipment and you provide knowledge/experience!   


 Occasionally we need a Spanish, Creole, Portuguese translators to assist our clients during their appointments.

HIV/HVC Tester

 Volunteers will go out into the community with our staff to test individuals for HIV/Hep C. Volunteers will be trained and become a certified HIV/HCV tester. These events are fun and important in stopping the spread of HIV.​ 

Volunteer Registration


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